Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The "Real" Polar Express

Last weekend we went to Owosso to see and ride behind the engine that was used in the Polar Express movie. The movie was animated, but they used the image and the sounds of this engine to create the train in the movie. It was very cool. There was just enough snow to make it pretty, but luckily the roads weren't bad getting up there. At almost every crossing along the way people were out with their cameras and tripods getting pictures of the engine. They took us to the "North Pole" (aka Saginaw County Fairgrounds)where the kids got to see Santa and ride on a bunch of carnival rides.


Before posting Christmas pictures I thought I would post a few from Halloween. Joey had two costumes this year, one for trick or treat (the Knight) and one for school (Woody). Because the knight costume had a sword I didn't want him to wear it to school. It was super warm here on trick or treat night and I dressed him too warm. He wanted to quit after about 10 houses. Then he went back home and ate almost all of the candy and realized he wanted to go out again. So, he switched into his costume from last year and went back out.