Friday, May 16, 2008

FFF: Fun in the Sun (the Ice Cream Truck!!)

This picture is from earlier this month. Joey and I were hanging out back playing in his sandbox when we heard music. I told him it was the ice cream truck and he immediately wanted to see it, so I told him we could go out front and look. I didn't expect it to come down our street because it's a dead end and they usually don't bother. Wouldn't you know - it was turning around right in front of our house. We ran after him and flagged him down and then I had to convince Joey to come inside with me to get money (the ice cream man was actually a little scary looking and I didn't want to leave him out there alone LOL!) Anyway, Joey had this supercool Spiderman ice cream bar and I had a Push-up (hey -did you know they are only 90 calories?!) That's one of the fringe benefits of being a mom - a 38 year old should normally fight off the urge to chase down the ice cream truck, but with a 3 year old in tow it becomes acceptable behavior.

Friday, May 09, 2008

FFF: Mommy and Me

Three years ago this week, we were in Guatemala meeting Joey for the very first time. I was telling him about it today and I told him that I cried when I had to go back home. Later in the day he asked me "Mama, why did you cry when you had to go to Home Depot in Guatemala?" It took me a while to figure out that that was his interpretation of what I said (he loves Home Depot). Anyway, here are some pictures of my first week with my sweet baby boy: (I'm so glad that I was digging through these because I realized that I had accidentally forgotten to copy some of them from my old laptop which is now dead - luckily I had uploaded them to Winkflash and they still had them so that I could order a DVD - whew!!)

Friday, May 02, 2008

FFF: Having a Ball - Fishing and Kite Flying

The theme this week is "Having a Ball", i.e., pics of the kids doing something they love or trying something new. Joey has been trying some new things - fishing and flying a kite.
I missed FFF last week because we went to the lake a day early. Joey was so excited to go fishing that he was practicing in the back yard for a week before we left:

I did get some pictures of him fishing "for real" but they are in my other camera that I left at the lakehouse.

His other new thing is flying a kite. They are learning about wind in daycare and he came home and told me that he wanted to fly a kite. So, being the good Daddy that he is, Dave took him right out and bought a Dora kite and the two of them flew it: