Sunday, February 18, 2007


We had a great time at Disney World last week. Our first day at the parks was Sunday and we went to Epcot. Joey loved the Nemo ride. It was really cool because they reflect the pictures of Nemo and the other cartoon characters into the real aquarium. He also loved looking at the aquariums. He kept running up to the windows pointing and yelling "what is that??". He didn't want to leave. He also rode the "Living with the Land" boat ride and the Maelstrom ride in Norway, both of which were a little scary, but he didn't seem to mind. We took a break for a nap, but went back for the fireworks.

On Monday morning, it was rainy, but we went to the Magic Kingdom anyway. It was pretty crowded that day, but we went on a lot of rides: Winnie the Pooh, Peter Pan, the spinning Tea Cups (the Mad Hatter and Alice were riding at the same time!). Joey's favorite ride was "A Small World". He smiled the whole way through it and waved to all of the dolls. He also liked the Mickey Mouse 3-D movie and even kept his glasses on.

On Tuesday, they were calling for storms, so we stayed at our condo and swam (it was really warm that morning). We timed things perfectly since the storm hit during Joey's naptime and then we went to the Magic Kingdom for more rides and the fireworks show. Joey rode the Haunted Mansion and Pirates of the Carribean. One of his favorite things about the parks were the parking trams that took you to your car. He would yell "toot toot" whenever he would see one. We probably could have saved a lot of money by just letting him ride the parking tram all day instead of buying tickets for the Disney Parks.

On Wednesday, we went to MGM Studios. We didn't like that park very well. We did go on the Movie Ride and the Backlot Tour, but we timed things poorly so that we missed most of the shows. We did see the Muppet 3-D movie, but it wasn't very good. We came home early and did some more swimming. Joey loved the pool at the condo and he is really trying to swim.

On Thursday, we went to Animal Kingdom. It was really a chilly day (at least by Florida standards!), but the animals seemed to be active because of it. The safari ride was really fun and Joey loved pointing at all of the animals that he saw. He also liked the trails, especially the one that went past the tigers. There was just a piece of glass between the tigers so we could really see them. Joey liked roaring at them. That night we went to the town of Celebration to walk around and we went to the Cuban restaurant, Columbia's. It was very good.

On Friday, we decided that we were "Disneyed out". We went to the Mall at Millenia and the Cheesecake Factory. The food and cheesecake was awesome. I wish they would build one in Detroit!

Our trip home was pretty rough. We had to leave our condo at about 8:00 to make the 3 hour drive to Jacksonville. We were supposed to fly to Cincinnati and then to Detroit. As we were getting ready to board our flight, my cellphone rang. It was Northwest airlines telling us that the flight from Cincinnati to Detroit had been cancelled and they had us scheduled on a flight the next day! We quickly got on the phone with Northwest and got switched to a later direct flight to Detroit, but that meant spending most of the day in the Jacksonville airport (the flight ended up being delayed an additional 1/2 hour). Joey was pretty good considering the circumstances and when our plane finally took off, he fell asleep for most of the flight.