Friday, March 16, 2007

Funny stories from our day

I took Joey to the child care center at our gym today so that I could work out. He, of course, cried pitifully when I left him. When I came back, though, they had the Wiggles playing on the big TV. He was standing up in front of all of the other kids dancing and doing all of the hand motions to the song. When he saw me, he barely acknowledged me and just kept on dancing. Finally I coaxed him out by promising that we could watch the Wiggles at home.

On the way home he started yelling, "Eat! Eat!". I was hungry too, so I decided to stop at Wendy's. He was being pretty good while I ordered because he was staring at their display case of toys. All of a sudden I heard a big commotion and turned around. He had somehow dismantled the whole toy display case and it fell down with all of the toys. Someone had to come out from behind the counter and take the broken display case away. I was so embarrassed!