Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Wacky Wednesday

Joey got these funny lips from the "Poop Fairy" basket (the Poop Fairy fills it up with goodies and toys and he gets to take something whenever he poops on the potty). He thought they were pretty funny. He talks about the Poop Fairy all the time and wants to know when he can talk to her. I told him that she doesn't have a phone, just e-mail, so we sent her an e-mail the other night! I'm just hoping he doesn't start telling too many people about the Poop Fairy or they'll think we are crazy at this house!


Heidi said...

HA! The poop fairy...I love it. I may have to use that when we pottytrain next. I wish I had thought of that one for Emmi!

Becca said...

I am loving the poop fairy - if it works it works!

Peace and Hugs,

Janet said...

LOL - that picture is HILARIOUS!!! Hope those goodies keep Joey motivated! :)

Sarah said...

ha ha ha... very ingenious Amy!!! I will not tell Sophie about the PF... we just use M&M's!!! Glad Joey is so excited about potty training!