Monday, December 18, 2006

We finally saw Santa!!!

We have been telling Joey he is going to see Santa for weeks now. First, we went to our city's Christmas festival, but then got too cold to wait in the Santa line. Then, Santa was going to be at Joey's daycare party, but he was sick last week and didn't get to go. Today we planned on taking him to see the Santa at Somerset Mall, but you need to go in person and make an appointment. I called ahead and they said that they were giving out appointments 3 1/2 hours in advance, so I decided to go while Joey was napping to try to get an evening appointment. I got there at 3:00 and they were already done handing out appointments for the day. So, we finally went to Lakeside mall this evening and waited in a 45 minute line. We rented one of the little car strollers from the mall that Joey is always wanting to ride in and that kept him pretty content during the wait. Anyway, I think the Santa meeting itself was pretty anti-climactic after all of our efforts. He wasn't really scared, but , as you can see by the picture, he also wasn't very interested.