Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Finally used our sled!

We bought a sled back in November and never got a chance to use it with the mild winter we are having. Tonight we finally had some snow accumulation, so we went to a park that has a few hills and tried it out. Joey was such a daredevil! He would laugh the whole way down the hill. Then he would lay down flat on the sled (luge style) and let us pull him back up the hill. At one point he decided it would be fun to run down the hill and he almost made it to the bottom before falling face first. He still came up smiling. I can't believe I forgot my camera! I haven't been sledding in years and had almost forgotten how fun it is (and how much exercise it is). That is the great thing about kids, they do keep you young! If we didn't have this little guy, we never would have been out there sledding after dark on a cold cold night.