Monday, March 31, 2008

Looks Like We are "It"

I just read Lisa's blog and saw that I was tagged on Friday for a game. The rules are post 10 bits of random info about your child, then tag 10 others.

1. Joey loves broccoli and some nights that's all he wants for dinner.
2. Every night, Joey sleeps with his stuffed pig, giraffe, elephant and bear.
3. Joey can do perfect somersaults.
4. Joey loves the Detroit Pistons and can name almost all of the players.
5. Joey loves to run around the house naked.
6. Joey calls milk "knock knock". We don't know why, but it continues even though he can say milk now.
7. Joey loves Shrek right now and is constantly reciting lines from Shrek 2.
8. Joey pretends that he is talking on the phone to Grandma and Papa all the time, but when they really call him he is pretty quiet.
9. Joey says he wants to play football every time he sees kids practicing on the field.
10. Joey's favorite restaurant is McDonald's.

I don't think I have 10 people to tag (and some might have already been tagged), so I'll just tag these 7:
1. Janet
2. Heidi
3. Sabra
4. Sarah
5. Susanne
6. Carol
7. Robyn

1 comment:

Heidi said...

I loved learning more about Joey. That is lucky for you he likes broccoli so much!