Sunday, March 16, 2008

A Weekend of Easter Fun

This weekend was our city's egg hunt, so we took Joey up. We made it on time this year, but somehow we forgot his basket, so the poor kid had to use a Target bag that I found in the car (not that he minded much).

There were three Easter Bunnies this year, so Joey actually got to get a picture with the bunny instead of the infamous "Easter Duck" of last year. The Easter Bunny gave him a coupon for free fries from McDonald's and he was so excited that we had to go right away (it was actually still breakfast time so we had to wait for a half hour before they even started serving fries). He was so amazed that the Easter Bunny actually KNEW how much he loved McDonald's fries.

When we came home we colored eggs:

Joey peeled and ate two eggs right away. I never knew he liked hard-boiled eggs so well. I might have to let him color some more. We only colored a dozen because I was afraid nobody would eat them.

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Heidi said...

How fun! That's so cute he was so excited about the french fries. Emmi really loves hard boiled eggs too. Love the Target bag! At least you had something!